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Who We Are

welcome to good dog! treat truck

We could give you a long drawn-out history of who we are but we thought we’d share what makes us so right for this job!

who we are

Anne Rollins, Owner: Anne loves people, which can be hard to come by in the pet industry, where many folks prefer the company of pets to people. She is a lifelong learner and educator: she loves to share what she learns with the people who will most benefit from the information. Anne is an active listener, and not shy about asking questions to make sure to connect you with exactly what you need. She is also playful and a social butterfly: if you love to laugh, smile or joke around, she’s your girl.

Ramon Rollins: The wind beneath Anne’s wings, first and foremost. Ramon is super-diligent and awesome at spatial-relations, which makes him the master of packing and unpacking our displays. He’s a “McGyver” and uses his cleverness to make even the weirdest requests work. He loves dogs, particularly hounds. It turns out that he has also been listening to his wife, Anne, as he exercises his sales skills for the first time in his life. Like Anne, he engages you and ensures you and your pup are matched with the best products.

Our Dogs: We couldn’t have done this without their inspiration. Here is what they have taught us:

Jackson: A rescue as an 8 week-old pup, Jackson has taught us unconditional love. He has taught us devotion: there isn’t anything we would not do to protect the ones we love. He has also taught us joy. To watch him run a lure course is a beautiful thing. You appreciate natural aptitude and feel the joy expressed on his face.

Madison: A rescue from a puppy mill, Maddie is a true inspiration. Madison has taught us bravery, and the importance of overcoming fears. She reacts to new things with fear – but then an amazing amount of bravery kicks in and helps her face and accept it. She has taught us patience and the importance of nurturing as we help her overcome her fears.

What we hope to accomplish

We, here at Good Dog! Treat Truck, want to let you in on a little secret. While we do sell a variety of awesome dog products, our real mission is to build a connection – between you and other dog lovers, and between you and your pup. Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing fellow dog lovers stop and chat with each other about their pups. We also love to share our knowledge to make the relationship between you and your dog even better!

what we believe in

We’ve studied the pet retail industry, pop-up shops and food trucks for several years. Why should you visit Good Dog! Treat Truck? Because of our founding beliefs:

Highest Quality Best Customer Service Honesty Joy Community

our founding beliefs

Highest Quality: We would be heartbroken if one of our products ever caused harm to a pet. That’s why we only offer treats and chews made with the absolute highest quality ingredients, toys that are durable, and care items that are best-in-field.

Best Customer Service: With Disney training, Excellent Customer Service is all Anne has ever known. We want you to know that you and your pet are special and valued.

Honesty: We tell the truth because we only want what’s best for you and your dog. We listen, we ask questions, we make recommendations – even if those recommendations are NOT to buy one of our products. Some examples include steering you away from treats that might upset a young puppy’s tummy or toys that your toy-tearing dog will surely destroy.

Joy: We want happy customers and dogs, as we wish it for ourselves. We are lifelong learners and are happy to share tips and tricks to ensure you and your dog enjoy each other every day. Our products are meant to help you show love to your dog, which will assuredly be returned 1000-fold.

Community: We love connecting with you, connecting you with your pup – and connecting all of us as a dog-loving community, overcoming the minor differences that keep us apart.

what we're proud of